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When Is The Best Time To Install A New Air Conditioner?

While we're not through the winter weather yet, now is a great time to consider replacing your old air conditioning unit. The best time to install a new air conditioner depends on various factors, including your location, climate, and personal preferences. Here are some general recommendations to consider:

1. Off-Season Installation: It's often more convenient and cost-effective to install a new air conditioner during the off-season when demand is lower. In most regions, this is during the spring or fall when temperatures are moderate, and HVAC professionals are less busy.

2. Spring or Fall: These seasons are generally ideal for installation as the weather is mild, and you may not be relying heavily on your HVAC system. Installing during these times allows you to have the system ready for the upcoming hot summer or cold winter.

3. Planning Ahead: If your current system is still functional, consider planning the installation well in advance. This allows you to research and choose the right system for your needs and gives you more flexibility in scheduling the installation.

4. Avoid Peak Seasons: Avoid installing during extreme weather conditions when HVAC professionals are likely to be busy with emergency repairs. Summer and winter are peak seasons for HVAC services.

5. Financing and Deals: Some HVAC companies offer promotions or financing options during specific times of the year. It might be beneficial to inquire about any discounts or special deals available during certain seasons.

Thinking about installing a new air conditioning unit? We would love to talk through your questions - we've been keeping Plano residents comfortable for years and would love to serve you!

Steve Hesse

Owner, Hesse Air

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