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Two HUGE Benefits of AC Replacement

As spring and summer bring warmer weather here in North Texas, now is an important time to think about your air conditioner. Most air conditioning systems are designed to last for ten to fifteen years, but begin to experience more frequent cooling problems as they near their full life expectancy. If you have been struggling to cool your home with an outdated or failing air conditioning system, it’s time to consider the benefits you could gain through AC replacement with a newer, more efficient cooling solution.

Fewer Breakdowns

One of the most common reasons that homeowners opt for AC replacement is to eliminate the problems associated with a failing air conditioning system. While minor repairs may be needed from time to time, it’s important to consider the additive cost of even small repairs that can grow over time. As your AC reaches the end of its functional lifetime, an increasing number of components will begin to fail in succession; if you find yourself calling your AC service frequently or feel that you have made many more repairs to your AC system over the past one to two years when compared with the several years before that time, it’s definitely a good time to consider AC replacement.

Greater Efficiency

AC replacement lets you enjoy the benefits associated with greater cooling efficiency in two major ways. First, HVAC systems naturally lose efficiency with age, as components become worn and dirty. While regular seasonal maintenance is the very best way to stay on top of these factors, age can still play a role in dropping efficiency that can no longer be completely restored through seasonal tune-ups. AC replacement will eliminate this issue by replacing an old system with a new one, allowing you to take full advantage of the greatest efficiency the system you purchase is capable of achieving. Second, advances in HVAC technology happen fairly quickly, while changes in federal regulations also increase the minimum efficiency required for newly-manufactured equipment every several years as well. Opting for AC replacement allows you to increase the baseline efficiency of your cooling system by replacing an older model with new technology capable of reducing energy costs and delivering better cooling simply by virtue of its design.

Are you considering how you could benefit from AC replacement this year? You can find out more about DFW AC replacement, maintenance, and repairs when you click through our website to explore our products and service solutions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Steve Hesse

Owner, Hesse Air

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