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What To Expect When We Install A New HVAC System

Many homeowners do not know what to expect during the process of installing a new HVAC system. Outlined below is the process followed during a standard residential HVAC system replacement.

Before installation day, we will contact you to schedule your installation at a convenient time. On installation day, our installation team will arrive on schedule. If any delays occur, we will be sure to inform you as far in advance as possible.

Upon arriving at your home, our technicians will take great care to protect and care for your home. We will use drop cloths and foot coverings when necessary to keep your home clean and safe as we perform your installation.

We will begin by disconnecting the old unit. All coolant is recovered. Your old furnace, heat pump or air conditioner and its components will be removed from your home, or from the exterior of your home, depending on the equipment. Our team will clean up the space in preparation for the new equipment.

Next, we will bring in any tools and equipment necessary to install your new HVAC system. If retrofits are needed to accommodate the new unit, this will be performed first. In applications with limited space, such as a crawl space or attic, we may need to disassemble your new equipment to fit it into the installation area.

The new equipment will be installed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Electrical upgrades may be needed to support the new system. To meet building code requirements, we may also need to add drain lines, flue pipes, or other components.

Once the installation process is complete, we fully inspect and test the new system. Old lines are flushed before adding new refrigerant to the system. Pressure and vacuum tests are conducted to make sure a quality installation has been performed.

When your new system passes inspection, our installation team will clean up the materials and equipment we used on the job. We will present you with important information for your records, and walk you through how to use the system while answering any questions. Before we leave, we will make sure you are satisfied with the job.

Before work begins, Hesse Air will walk you through the specific details of your installation, so you’ll know what to expect. Contact us today to learn more about HVAC system installation!

Steve Hesse

Owner – Hesse Air

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